Our Story

Out of a population of just over four million people, three million Irish people drink tea, giving Ireland one of the highest consumption levels of tea in the world!

As a nation we drink on average 4 cups a day and it's not surprising that LYONS is Ireland's favourite tea with over 900 million cups drunk a year!*

Our beginnings

In 1902 the Lyons family started blending tea at High Street in Dublin, in the shadows of Christchurch Cathedral. The Lyons family was committed to creating the best quality tea using only the finest leaves.

LYONS the Quality Tea

It was during the 1960's that the brand's iconic jingle "LYONS the Quality Tea" was brought to life. The very first on-pack promotion by LYONS Tea was in 1963, where people could collect vouchers for between 10 shillings and £100. The iconic "Minstrels" and the very popular car giveaway were part of the brands advertising campaigns during the 1970's.

The famous "LYONS Tea jingle" is still one consumers remember today.

LYONS moves to round tea bags

By the late 1970’s tea bags were very much part of everyday life for Irish Tea drinkers, so much so that brands began to try and differentiate their tea bags. LYONS changed from the traditional square tea bag to round bags. The change to round bags was so successful for LYONS that they captured over 65% of the Irish tea market. 

A new era and a new pack

LYONS Tea became part of the Unilever family in 1996. In the late 1990's another milestone for the brand was the development of the tea-caddy style pack. People loved it for its sleek good looks and practicality.

Iconic Pyramid Bag

In 2004 LYONS introduced the distinctive pyramid bags - you might even call them the 8th wonder of the world! They act like a mini teapot giving the tea leaves 50% more room to move than regular tea bags, delivering a quality tea.

New look same great taste

In 2017 LYONS created a new look for the sleek caddy style packaging. The new design incorporates the heritage of the brand and provides helpful tasting notes on each of the delicious blends.

*Lyons is Ireland's best selling tea brand by volume based on Nielsen MAT 2018.