Tea Knowledge

So what's the deal with tea?

Surprisingly, all tea comes from the same plant - an evergreen shrub called Camellia Sinensis. The only difference is in the way the leaves are processed. If its leaves are not dried quickly after picking, they wilt and oxidise. At LYONS the leaves are plucked, withered, chopped, dried and then blended. To control the oxidation process, the leaves are dried at different stages depending on the tea type - green, black or oolong.....

What else is in it?

Tea is a completely natural product. There is nothing added but wind, rain and sunshine, so the only ingredient in your cup of Lyons Tea is tea!

Where does Lyons come from?

Our tea is grown in plantations all over the world, in countries like Kenya and Indonesia. Lyons Tea picks only the freshest leaves from these plantations to use in our tea. In fact Lyons only picks the top two leaves and the bud from the plant.

How long has Lyons been around?

Lyons Tea has been blending tea in Ireland since 1902. With over 100 years experience, we're proud to be Ireland's number one tea brand.

What are the health benefits?

Good news! Lyons tea has lots of health benefits, proven by international research. In a nutshell: Tea contains virtually no calories(when drank without milk) and has less caffeine than coffee.

How much tea should I drink?

In Ireland, we drink up to five cups of tea per day. That works out at an amazing 300 litres of tea per person every year! As the amount of caffeine is half that of coffee, you could drink up to six cups of tea per day and it would still be considered a moderate level of caffeine.

Green v Black Tea - what's the difference?

Green tea is dried, but not fermented. The shorter processing gives green tea a lighter flavour than black tea.z