Eco Talk

At Lyons we're doing our bit to help the environment.

Sustainability. What we're doing.

We're proud to say that the Lyons tea in our tea bags is now fully Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and is supplied from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. Lyons tea is working with the Rainforest Alliance to ensure that every cup of our tea is now a step towards a better life for tea farmers, their families and the environment.

For the environment

Together with the Rainforest Alliance, we're working to ensure the protection of local wildlife and their habitats in and around our tea fields.

For tea pickers and their families

Tea pickers get a decent wage and better working conditions. They have greater access to housing, schools and healthcare for them and their families.

Sustainability. What you can do. Compost!

At Lyons we want to spread the word that you can recycle or compost your Lyons teabags. You can do this by adding them to your brown bin collection or why not try composting at home. It's simple and provides rich free compost for your garden. Here's some tips from the Master Blender.

  • Chop up waste and add some sprinkles of water to speed up the process.
  • Try to layer green waste (Tea bags, vegetables, leaves) on top of brown waste (dry leaves, woodchips).
  • Place in the sun and turn regularly.

For more information and tips visit And remember, it's recycling small things like teabags that can help make a big difference.

What we're doing

We’re a nation of tea lovers and no one knows that better than us here at Lyons, meaning we pride ourselves in delivering the best tasting cuppa around.

We’re committed to delivering our long term sustainability targets. One of these targets is to halve the environmental footprint of our tea by 2020.

We’re proud to be the first major tea brand in Ireland with fully Rainforest Alliance certified tea, for both black and green teas. In 2015 we will continue our journey and refine our blend to deliver all the great fresh taste that consumers love with less tea.

We’ve been listening to Irish tea fans to better understand brewing habits and what makes a great cup of tea for them. Working with the Lyons Master Blender we have developed a new blend that delivers all the same great fresh taste that our tea fans love, while reducing the content of each tea bag by 0.2g. Our Master Blenders have been selecting, grading and blending teas collectively for over 100 years, meaning that you can continue to enjoy your cuppa safe in the knowledge that our experts have chosen the tea with the same care and attention that they’ve used for the last 80 years.

And let’s not forget about our pyramid bags! They’re what make us famous. You might even call them the 8th wonder of the world! They act like a mini teapot giving the tea leaves 50% more room to move than regular tea bags. In 2015, we’re introducing a new tea bag paper for our pyramid bag which will complement the new blend. Our new paper has been produced with smaller holes that helps our new Lyons blend perform at its best. The resulting brewing time and the flavour of your cuppa is completely unaffected. So, who’s for a cupán tae?